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Eggdrop Configuration Generator

Just found this wonderfull tool to generate the eggdrop configuration file, it’s a windows based software developed by one of the largest IRC shell hosting company You can get it from This eggdrop configuration generator asks for your nick, vhost, irc servers and other details and generates a configuration file that can be… Continue Reading →

Download Latest version of Eggdrop Eggdrop 1.6.21

We are now having the latest version of eggdrop available for you for download for free, you can download it from here eggdrop1.6.21.tar.gz Thanks to for providing us free web hosting to offer free downloads of eggdrop

Download Eggdrop With CTCP Fix

Download the latest version of Eggdrop With CTCP Fix : Eggdrop1.6.19 with CTCP Fix

Archives of Different Versions of Eggdrops

You can download different versions of eggdrops from here: Eggdrop Version 1.6.19 Eggdrop Version 1.6.18 Eggdrop Version 1.6.17 Eggdrop Version 1.6.16 Eggdrop Version 1.6.15 Eggdrop Version 1.6.14 Eggdrop Version 1.6.13 Eggdrop Version 1.6.12 Eggdrop Version 1.6.10 Eggdrop Vesion 1.6.9 Eggdrop Version 1.6.8 Cheers